BVNA 2022

“My name is Joshua Sancho, and I am a second-year Veterinary Nurse student studying in London.  I had gone to the BVNA Congress this year to get some much-needed inspiration and an injection of positivity, as this year has been pretty tough for me so far. In addition to that however, what I found was a little oasis of like-minded people from the Veterinary Christian Fellowship.
As a Christian myself, I was feeling quite isolated in the veterinary industry, and at times I feel you just want like-minded people around you who can offer encouragement and even support.
So when I came across the VCF stand, I was so overjoyed, it was just like taking a refreshing cold drink on a hot summers day. It is such a blessing to know that there are brothers and sisters in the faith who are all around me, within this industry who I can ask for advice, prayer or even support, who appreciate what I am going through but can also bring a really great biblical perspective to things as well.
And it was lovely meeting the ladies who came along to the stand with their lunch, they were a real blessing. I am so grateful to be part of this incredible fellowship, and I feel that God orchestrated it in the most amazing way”.

“Having the opportunity to meet up with fellow VCF nurse members who I had previously met over Zoom or prayer through the Vet Nurse WhatsApp group was a definite highlight of BVNA Congress. Ali invited us to bring our lunch to the stand and we were able to catch up with one other each lunch time as well as meet new members. I myself first came across VCF at Congress four years ago so it was great to be able to now be the person to help welcome new members to this fantastic Veterinary Christian family. Everyone is so supportive and Ali’s calm and thoughtful approach always makes us feel welcomed.

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