Surrey Vet School

On Wednesday 30th March we had our very first informal VCF gathering of Surrey students. It was a real encouragement to meet 3 students from various years at the university and spend a little time getting to know them. The fellowship has been praying for 8 years since the veterinary course began that we could connect with students at Surrey and encourage them in their faith journey and student life and this was definitely an answer to prayer.
We were also very fortunate (God ordained?) to have David Tisdall join us. He was a previous teaching fellow at the University who happened to be in teaching for the day.
Please continue to pray for Surrey vet school, pray we could connect with more students and that the students will be able to support one another as they develop their friendships. Pray for all the students in the schools across the UK and Ireland as they seek to live out their faith and deal with the stresses of studying and the increased financial pressures of seeing EMS and living on a student budget.

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