New Graduates, How can we support them

New graduates
How can we support them
in this next chapter?

One of the amazing privileges in my teaching role at Nottingham Vet School, where I teach on final year rotations, is seeing the final year students become ready to take the step from student to MRCVS. As well as rotation teaching, I have got to know three of this year’s Nottingham graduates through their involvement with VCF, and the Christian Union, and have therefore been able to support them in their spiritual as well as clinical development.
I have no doubt that they will all go on to make fantastic vets, and more than that, I know that they will shine for Christ wherever they go. I am aware of some of the challenges they face but am comforted by the fact that they all have a Heavenly Father who knows every single one of those challenges, just as He knows every hair on their head.
How can we, as a VCF family, support our new graduates as they step out into all that God has planned for them in this next chapter of their lives?
Firstly, we can pray. Pray for them to find supportive colleagues, for energy, for patience with themselves as they have so much to learn, to get settled into a local church, and most of all, for them to spend time each day with God.
Secondly, we can reach out. If you haven’t ever done so, why not make this the year you contact Ali at to ask her if there are any VCF members living near you? (Not just new graduates, all of us need support and fellowship!). If you do have a new graduate near you, or someone new to the area, don’t underestimate the value of showing them where the good coffee shops are, the best takeaway, places to get out for a walk, as well as inviting them round for a meal, and helping them find a local church.
Thirdly, do you know that VCF has a mentoring scheme? Is God calling you to be a mentor to a new or recent graduate? If so, again, email Ali and she can put you in touch with the people running our mentoring scheme.
Finally, be sure to find ways to offer support, it is not only VCF new graduates who need all of this support. If there are new graduates in your practice, make sure you take 5 minutes out of your busy day to ask them how they are doing, invite them out on a dog walk, and pray that God will use you as His hands and feet right where you work.

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