This week over 600 delegates from all over the world met for the International Sheep Veterinary Congress in Harrogate. We were really grateful to be able to meet each morning for prayer and fellowship and were able to reflect on being Chosen (John 10), Restored (John 21) and Equipped (Psalm 23, Genesis 31) by God. On the Thursday morning Rob Parsons came down from Durham and gave an excellent talk on John 10:11 entitled ‘What makes Jesus such a Good Shepherd?’ Sixteen of us gathered for breakfast and fellowship including one German, one Australian and vets from all over the UK both within and outside of practice. We considered how Jesus was a Good shepherd because he was Sacrificial and also that he didn’t just die for us but rose again. We also considered the the importance of the word  ‘makes’ in the present tense, and not ‘made’, that is, a shepherd is not much use to a flock dead. Many people shared why this was so important to them in their own lives and we were able to pray to close.
The whole congress experience has been fantastic, with many opportunities for gospel conversations with both old and new colleagues and friends in the sheep vet world as well as staff at the centre. The atmosphere has been very open and welcoming and it has been so encouraging to be able to build on previous conference witness - there was almost an expectation that VCF would organise something!
Our Christian witness has been really blessed by the Lord over this conference and we have been a great encouragement to each other.