We met at Charlie Foster’s Eden Vets practice for an evening of pizzas (thanks Charlie), worship, sharing and prayer. We met in the practice waiting room which felt a bit weird for me, but also somehow ‘right’ as we all aim to bring Christ into work with us! We ranged from student age to retired so there was a great mix. We were reminded by Mike that prayers sometimes take longer than we want to be answered, and that they are answered on God’s terms rather than ours, for example even Jesus’s prayer that we might all be one.
Do pray for Katie and Sarah, two vet nurses, and Cheryl in the office from 3 of the practices represented who are seriously ill, for them to find the Lord and for physical healing. Apologies to Charlie for missing the photo (due to being called out to a calving) and to Richard and anybody else I might have forgotten. Suzanne is getting us organised with a WhatsApp group and we plan to meet at least 6-monthly in future.
Blessings Chris