The vet’s mission field isn’t just in their home country and may not just be doing vetting either. There are 3 main ways vets are involved with mission: tent making (doing your job to earn a living, often as a doorway into a closed country where the preaching of the gospel is prohibited), working openly as a Christian in community development, and through church planting.

The VCF is prayerfully linked with a number of folk working overseas carrying out various veterinary and non-veterinary roles. Click on the names below to find out more information about them. To receive updates from the individual missionaries, email Mary Kim our Mission Liaison Rep. (

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The VCF is linked with the Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) in the States, who offer a large variety of overseas opportunities. To find out more, email Vikki Wyse, VCF International Coordinator More information about their role and possible opportunities can be found here. It may be possible to visit the VCF missionaries, email our international coordinator for more information.

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