Looking for a Mentor

Feel free to ask other Christian vets that you might have met at VCF Weekends or  seeing practice.  If you are unsure then please contact our secretary secretary@vcf.org.uk and she will try and connect you to  a potential mentor for you

Who can be a mentor?

Anyone from younger graduates to those older or retired, in practice or doing something completely different, can be a mentor to a newer Christian vet.

We envisage that “mentors” will be available to encourage, give practical advice and pray with (and for) the mentee as they experience the turmoil of finding and starting (and perhaps finishing) their first job as a vet.

It seems most appropriate if mentors and new graduates already know each other where possible. We would therefore encourage all prospective mentors to add their name to the EMS database/accomodation database. We also encourage engagement with students within the local area and at VCF weekends.


How to be a mentor.

It is all about relationships and being available. Some people do not see a need for a mentor in their lives or don’t want one and some will change their mind week to week! There will be a wide range of commitment and support required. Some people will just want a contact, someone they can ask for advice at specific times, answer their questions or someone to pray with and for them. You just need to be there to help if needed and just to keep in touch and make sure they are OK.
But you can also do more. You could open your home, share meals, give time and pray for your mentee. Expect and encourage change. Expect to be challenged, to be open and maybe to have to change yourself. Be real, know your limitations and ask for guidance if you are feeling out your depth. A group has been set up to help support mentors.

If you would be willing to volunteer to be a mentor please get in touch with our secretary secretary@vcf.org.uk and she will add you to our list of potential mentors.