How do we Support?

  • Providing a Mentoring scheme – either as a recipient, or to provide mentoring for many folk out there who really appreciate such support
  • Contact with Christian vets, vet nurses etc in similar situations who you may wish to share with and encourage, or be encouraged by though our Regional Fellowship Meetings.
  • Contact with others through various CPD meetings.
  • Family weekend for fellowship, CPD and encouragement and support.
  • The bimonthly VCF News
  • EMS Database
  • Our EMS Fund for those considering returning to practice but  would like additional financial support
  • Attendance at the variety of the Veterinary Exhibitions around the UK
  • Opportunities to look at Job Vacancies from our Members
None can believe how powerful prayer is, and what it is able to effect, but those who have learned it by experience. Martin Luther
Prayer irrigates the fields of life with the waters which are stored up in the reservoirs of promise. Charles Spurgeon
Fervency in prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit is a good preservative against thoughts rushing in. Flies never settle on the boiling pot. Dwight L. Moody