For many students “seeing practice” can be an anxious time; an unfamiliar environment, new people, desperate to be useful and to develop practical skills yet not wanting to appear pushy or “get in the way”! Seeing practice with a Christian vet can help to alleviate some of these worries and enable more vets to be a practical and spiritual blessing to many students.

The EMS Database

The VCF produces an EMS database, consisting of practices containing at least one VCF member who has volunteered to accept students into their place of work for EMS placements. This database will be held securely and made available to VCF student members upon request (though we cannot guarantee that its circulation may not be wider).

Accommodation Database

Finding accommodation for EMS placements can be challenging and place a large financial burden on tight student pursestrings. VCF has created a list of volunteers who are happy to host students. These may be vets in practice, other VCF members or family members who wish to help students who are “seeing practice” in their local area.

Paul Manning Memorial EMS Fund

The VCF Paul Manning Memorial EMS fund is aimed at assisting all members of VCF to develop their practical skills, support EMS and to gain experience in the workplace.

Find Out More about the EMS Fund

These databases are updated regularly. If you wish to add your details to the list or have your details amended please contact the secretary,
Students: Please email our secretary for the most up to date copy of each database.