At The Vet Schools

Each  Vet school in the UK has a local VCF group that meets with varying frequency. We have a small team that supports them. Find out more information by visiting the vet schools page.

At the Vet Schools

Connecting Students

We believe it is very important that students are connected to VCF vets in their local area, through the VCF regional groups who can practically support them and give opportunities for mentorship through their studies and beyond.

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EMS Placements

VCF also financially supports VCF students to undertake vital EMS placements at home and abroad though the Paul Manning EMS fund. For more information please EMS database.

Finding placements and  accommodation for EMS placements can be difficult and expensive. VCF has developed a list of members or associates who are happy to host students more details can be found as part of the seeing practice database

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VCF Family Weekends

VCF heavily subsidises attendance to VCF family weekends to enable students to link up with vets and families all around the country. We really value students’ attendance on these weekends so if finances are a real struggle then please get in touch with our secretary.

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Moving on from university life into work can be a daunting experience. VCF aims to help new graduates by linking them up with VCF members in their local area. New graduates are given the opportunity to be connected with an experienced member of the profession who acts as a mentor. Such relationships, providing a listening ear and mature advice, can be crucial to new vets as they find their feet in this new stage in their lives.

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Supportive Network

Groups of students at most of the vet schools in the UK meet to encourage and support each other in their faith, in their life at vet school and to serve those on campus. VCF students serve others and show the love of Christ in a variety of ways; from handing out free cake and encouragement around exam time to running events with food, drink and a short talk about the good news of Jesus Christ.

VCF can help financially support this important outreach. For more information please contact Jenni Hay VCF treasurer or our student liason team. ( and

If you would like to contact the students at a specific vet school please email Ali Budgell our secretary or our student liaison team. ( and

News from the Students

A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel. Charles Spurgeon
The Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes, and say, 'O God, forgive me,' or 'Help me.' Billy Graham
Let us never forget to pray. God lives. He is near. He is real. He is not only aware of us but cares for us. He is our Father. He is accessible to all who will seek Him. Gordon B. Hinckley