BCVA 2016

The current run of VCF meetings ended with a number of people getting together early on Saturday morning for coffee and Danish pastries at the BCVA congress in Hinckley (Front cover photo). To see folk meeting up once again after the first BCVA breakfast meeting last year was incredible. Folk who met together for the very first time last year, and have not seen each other since, just chatted as if they had known each other for years, as they came together with that common bond of veterinary practice and their desire to show their faith in the way that they live their lives.
We considered the passage from Luke chapter 10, looking at what is the harvest field today and who are the workers.
For every one of us, that harvest field is different and unique. For some it will be clients on farms, or in the consulting room or colleagues at the practice, in the operating theatre or over coffee in the staff room (if you have a staff room, or get time for coffee!!). For others it will be different veterinary practices they visit as they travel round as company reps; it may be people they speak to on the phone through their work, students they teach and support, members of the public making appointments or having insurance claims processed, or the challenges of managing a veterinary practice.
What stops us from being the workers? Are we too busy with the practice part of our work, do we not know what to say or how to share our faith, are we concerned about being ‘allowed’ to talk about religion in our work place? In John 6:9, John tells of a boy who gave up his packed lunch and Jesus took the little that he had and produced a miracle which is still talked about 2000 years later.
Just think, if something that you did that was so small produced such a miracle that people still marveled at in 4016!!! The boy didn’t have a theology degree. As far as we know, he hadn’t been praying all day about what he could do, he didn’t have hang ups about how he should share his faith, he didn’t have eloquent words to use. He was just prepared to give Jesus what he had, most likely with no concept of what he was doing, and God multiplied it beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Not only that, but he had so much back that it wouldn’t fit in the lunch box he had started with.

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