LVS 2018

VCF had its first opportunity to have a stand at the LVS in November and it was an enormous blessing.
Despite the busyness of the show, and that the stand was small and out of the way, more than forty members of VCF alone came along to the stand over that time. It offered so much:
Time for folk to take a few minutes out of a really busy schedule to remember and think about Jesus and the ministry that He has given to every single person.
A place to arrange to meet up with friends not seen for years.
A time to meet with new brothers and sisters in Christ, who share that passion for their faith and for the profession – the bond is always already there and amazing to see.
A time to witness to other exhibitors, with folk from different stands coming and sharing that they too are Christians.
A time to gather together on the Thursday morning for Danish pastries and coffee with the stunning backdrop of the river Thames. Here folk came and went depending on lectures.

A time on the Sunday morning for delegates to just gather round the stand for about an hour to meet one another as a fellowship – something that was witnessed by those on the stands around.
An opportunity for folk to come and spend time and chat, to share concerns, prayer requests, and things that are on their hearts.
A place for people who are not Christians, or are seeking, and have many questions in their hearts, to come and take a chocolate, then linger a while and begin to seek God and ask questions.

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