BSAVA 2019

“As in previous years, it was great to combine CPD and catching up with VCF friends. It was good to see many people walking by the VCF stand and stopping to look at it, to take some chocolate – with the VCF bookmark attached – and to hopefully have had something stirred in their heart. Being able to meet up for a meal in the evening was very special. One of the things that I love is that I’m no longer surprised that we’ve got a presence at BSAVA – it’s become normal now!”

“It was lovely to meet another nurse at the VCF stand and in that moment to share a laugh about Christians liking quiche and Shloer! I really enjoyed the fact that she came over with a friend whom I don’t think was a Christian. That showed real courage and open inclusiveness, with us then sharing a good joke about the fact her friend didn’t need to be baptised to have one of the creme eggs! It was a lovely moment with 3 nurses connected by respect and God’s love. For me it was a lovely end to a busy couple of days before I headed home.”

“BSAVA this year was exceptional for myself and my wife Hilary in that it provided, for example, excellent lectures and practical radiology, a really good opportunity to meet with our practice suppliers in the exhibition and over breakfast, plus a party evening social where we met new friends. Ali was there with the VCF stand. We enjoyed chatting and an evening meal out with other VCF members sharing food and experiences in practice. There was also a special time of prayer over Sunday breakfast cleverly organised by VCF in the foyer of the ICC. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be reminded that in the challenges we all face, God is with us.”

“Going to any vet conference for me is always a bit like coming home. You walk into a huge room with people who get it, who have a similar passion for you, who are part of the “Vet” family.  And then you see folk smiling and the VCF stand and you know that your “Close” vet family is there.  The VCF stand is a shelter in the storm of brands and marketeers and things you ‘should’ be learning, doing and using.”

“It was wonderful to see friends from the VCF at BSAVA. It’s so important for us to share who we are and the good news of Jesus in the profession.”

“Always good to see “old” friends and meet new ones at BSAVA (and other conferences). Being part of the Christ’s family is such a blessing. Thanks for being there and facilitating our get together.”

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