LVS 2019

What was it that made this year’s London Vet Show so special?
Over about four years, VCF has hosted a breakfast meeting at the London Vet Show, but for the last two, it has had a stand there. This years was particularly special as once again it provided different opportunities to so many people visiting the show at the Excel in November.
• For non-Christian delegates as well as for exhibitors on the adjacent stands it offered a glimpse of Christ in a very different setting from a conventional church. Delegates were able to see Christ’s love in action as so many members passed through, stopped and chatted and laughed together, and showed that unique bond which only Christ can bring. Many little Christian booklets were given out, and we would ask you to please pray that these will sow seeds which will reap a huge harvest for Christ.
• For Christians who know nothing of VCF, they were able to come and find out what the fellowship is about, to see what it has to offer them, and how it can encourage, support and pray for them in the challenging role of being Christ’s hands and feet in the veterinary profession today.
• For VCF members who may feel on the periphery of the fellowship as very busy lives make it difficult to attend conferences and Regional groups, it offered somewhere to come and say Hi during a time that was convenient. They were able to visit the stand without having to give up an evening or commit to a whole weekend, and could meet others in the fellowship and find out so much more than a bi-monthly newsletter can convey. It was a chance to get a real feel for the heart of Christ in VCF.
• For others within the fellowship who are regularly involved in all that goes on, it offered a port in the storm of stands and lectures! It was somewhere to come and stop, rest and catch their breath and to be refuelled before heading off again! It gave somewhere to meet with old friends and to find new brothers and sisters in Christ who share similar challenges.
What an incredible blessing, and we look forward to the next stand!!

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