VCF Ireland meet up

We had a fantastic VCF Ireland BBQ at our house in June with lots of vets, spouses and children meeting together for a fun evening together. It was a great chance for friends to reconnect and new friendships to be initiated. There are many of sources of encouragement that Alice and I personally get from these times together, such as:
Meeting new folk who have made it along for the first time
Hearing success stories from vets who have found a job that they really enjoy and are in a practice where they feel secure
Meeting new babies and children from the ever increasing family of VCF members
Providing a listening ear and offering encouragement to folk who are going through difficult situations
Seeing people evolve over the years you know them.
Praise God for all the amazing people who are seeking to live out his kingdom day to day in so many different places.
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“Before arriving at the barbeque, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had never been along to any VCF events in Northern Ireland before, so I hadn’t a clue what kind of crowd would be there. However, thankfully I knew that one of the vets with whom I had done work experience before was going along, so I was able to travel with her.
Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I actually knew a few of the other guys who were there as well – classic Northern Ireland!
Through the course of the evening I was able to meet most of the other vets who were there and we enjoyed some good chat and amazing food together! It was a great encouragement for me to see such a solid group of Christian vets from all around Northern Ireland who were able to give up their Saturday evening to meet for fellowship with one another. As a student, it was nice to see how there will still be a network of other Christian vets to support us even after we leave university and go into the workplace in a couple of years.
I would encourage any other Christian vet students in Northern Ireland to get involved in the next event whenever it is organised! A big thank you must go to anyone who was involved in organising this event!

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