LVS 2022

It was an absolute joy to meet up with so many VCF folk who stopped off at the stand at this year’s LVS, as well as having the opportunity to welcome new members.
The stand gave the opportunity for members to have a place to meet one another, and at the same time to get to know others who they would not have the chance to come into contact with normally. It also offered the opportunity for the 5000 or so delegates at the show to see that God is alive and well and working in the veterinary profession! Many booklets were given out, and we would ask you to pray that every single one will land on good soil, and at God’s chosen time they will germinate, and bear fruit 30, 60 and 100 times more than was sown!

The Friday morning breakfast meeting was really well attended with people arriving and leaving as suited their schedule but filled with the buzz of conversations. We took some very precious time to pray together and to share a short message.
With the recent passing of the Queen, it brought to mind a story of a chance meeting some years ago that a friend had with one of the “Kings messengers.” It turns out that The Corps of King’s Messengers, or Queen’s Messengers during the reign of a female monarch, are couriers employed to carry, by hand, secret and important documents to British embassies, high commissions, and consulates around the world.

On arrival at my friend’s destination, he was chatting with a colleague about this encounter, when the colleague pointed out that this person may have been the King’s Messenger (or Queen’s at the time!) but that as Christians, we are all messengers for the King of kings!

For each one of us, the way that we do this will be different. For some, it will be standing up in a church and preaching, but for most of us, it will be the way that we live out our daily lives, whether that be in general practice at the reception desk, in the consulting room or operating theatre, at the school gate, within our own families or wherever we are day to day.
As you go about your daily lives, may you know that you hand-carry the precious message of the King of kings to everyone that you meet.

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