VCF Northern Weekend 2024

This year’s VCF Northern Weekend took place at the old Keswick Convention Centre, in Keswick, and was a wonderful time of fellowship, friendship, fun and fresh air!

With an age range from 6 months to over 70 years, it was like a huge family meeting together.  The bonds of faith and the veterinary profession broke down so many barriers and within no time there was the constant buzz of chatting as everyone joined in whether there for the first or the twentieth time!

David Swan whose testimony can be found in the last VCF News, led two very inspiring, relevant and interesting talks which he has summarised opposite.

Marcia Christian did a fabulous job of feeding what must have felt like 5,000! Pete Duncalfe and Chris Sawyer led a great band and times of worship together. Small groups allowed the chance to dig deeper into the topics, and to have times just to share with each other.

Mike Christian led a fascinating session on looking at colours and how they relate to different personality types, and we will investigate this further in a future edition.

Saturday afternoon in beautiful Keswick had something for everyone. It offered the opportunity for a low walk (low being relative if you come from the south of England!), a high walk for the more adventurous, or time in and on the water. One or two brave individuals went paddle boarding and swimming in Derwent Water.

It was a joy to meet students from Harper & Keele and Glasgow, and to introduce them to so many people who can help, support and pray for them on their journey.

Forthcoming VCF meetings include the Virtual VCF online in May, and the VCF Scotland meeting near Inverness in October, before we return to Quinta Hall in early 2025. We would love to see you if you are able to join us at any (or all!) of those gatherings.
Ali Budgell

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