VCF Southern Weekend 2024

As I drove home after the Southern weekend, I found myself thinking, yet again, what a privilege it is to spend time with people who really ‘get it.’ People who understand this often strange profession that we are all part of, and people who I am united with in Christ.
We gathered at St. Cassian’s Centre in Berkshire, making it through a fairly flooded road, to be warmly welcomed by the centre staff.
It was great to catch up with folk who have been to many previous weekends, as well as to get to know those who were at their first VCF event. As ever, the students who were there were a huge blessing and encouragement with their enthusiasm and passion. A big thank you to those people who helped them out by giving them lifts home when train disruptions meant their planned trips home were made very complicated.
During the weekend we enjoyed some great times of worship led by Ben Gill, and a small band who did brilliantly with no time to practice together. Thank you Lévon, Megan, Katie and Ali.
David Williams was our speaker, and managed, in his words, ‘A romp through all of Revelation’ in just 3 main talks. It was a great reminder of God’s sovereign plan, and certainly helped me regain a sense of perspective. Details of his talks will be explored in the next issue of the VCF News and will be added to the VCF Website.
Alice Hall led our communion service on the Sunday and reminded us that we don’t need to be strong, or to self-protect, or self-defend, but instead, we can fully trust in God’s strength, and let him protect and defend us.
As well as the talks and small group discussions there was plenty of time to chat, relax, explore the beautiful area with a very muddy walk, eat cake (thank you Callum for the incredible tiffin), play board games, and to simply enjoy being in each other’s company.
The children and students enjoyed a game of ‘Sardines’ on the Saturday evening during which one student managed to hide so well she went undiscovered for nearly an hour!
From the youngest to the oldest, from vets to nurses, with spouses and those retired, there was a real sense of unity in our fellowship, and joy in being able to gather together.
My prayer is not only that everyone went home refreshed and encouraged, and with a greater understanding of God’s love for them, but also that we won’t leave it another year until we meet up with VCF folk again!
If you are not yet connected with a regional group and would like to be, do email, or Ali on Regional groups are unlikely to offer games of Sardines or the whole of Revelation in one go, but they will offer fellowship, prayer, support, encouragement, fun, and almost certainly food!
Kerry Williams

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